Sunday morning. (Happy Mother’s Day)

Husband back then, when he was merely a boyfriend (he still is, but back then he is only that, nothing more ūüėČ ), he introduced me to Paramore, which¬†was very weird because he was into death/melodic metal. But I was in a spirit of giving, bought him a ticket to see¬†Paramore in KL and he loved it. He loved Hayley’s the-tweet-that-shall-never-been-mentioned, too.

However, I found this more or less this catchy song from Paramore first, recently.


It’s so catchy and full of meaning, that it reminds me on No Doubt’s Sunday Morning. I loved No Doubt when it was all about ska-ish pop.

Never seen them live before. But he did. Back in early 2000 (October 9 -that date sounds familiar-, 2000 to be exact) at PWTC, KL. Even offered a girl who was shorter than he is a jump on his shoulder for a few songs.

=_=” (not because of the girl, but the fact he got to actually see No Doubt live in their golden era. But nvm, I crossed one of my bucket list with my favourite rock band last year. No he didn’t tag along. >:])



Not forgetting,¬†on a more happy notes, it reminds me of this: (but there’s a slightly bitter memory about that song, but you’re not asking so I won’t be sharing)

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Pre-Mother’s Day post

Sometimes I force myself to look on the bright side. Because bitches can bitch all day long, but I know for a fact that in some point in their life, they had a mum, or a mother figure, and at one point in their life, they must have loved the mother so much.

And no one is evil by its own. o_O


TIL John Lennon’s dad left him when he (John) was only an infant and the mum passed away due to an accident when he was 17.

TIL 100 years ago, Anna Jarvis who campaigned to honour those mothers in one special day in US and it was celebrated since, on second Sunday of May.

TIL, when I googled (omg, why are you still using Google. It’s EBILLL) about Mother’s Day, one link captured my eyes.

A Mother's Day...when mother is gone

A Mother’s Day…when mother is gone

It’s the first Mother’s Day without my mum when she passed last October. It has been 22 years since my husband lost his mum. So we do not have our biological mother anymore. Technically we are motherless child.


That’s a word that is hard to swallow. Or to even accept.

I saw beautiful Mother’s Day cards which I know she loved. Then I realised, I no longer have a¬†mother to give it to.

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