Mental health

some things that i have observed:

  • some psychiatrists need to understand that people with anger problem, need not to be asked same countless questions all the time. so, only attend to a patient after you have read her/his case file. not during. you don’t want to wait, so neither the one who you are attending to.
  • never, never never NEVER talk over someone with a problem with a mental health. even how expert you are, how busy you are, how harmless the case might be. the patient would not be open enough to say anything, the same goes with bringing your phone along.  we don’t answer our phone during a session, now why should you?
  • try not to suggest a word to them, then when they use YOUR word, you ask cheekily ‘whoah, that is interesting that you mentioned that. may i know why?’. it is annoying and power of suggestion does not work in this context.
  • try to stay away from asking ‘have you attempted suicide yet?’. if they did already, they won’t be there talking to you in the first place now.
  • this is important. NEVER mix religion and counselling into a session. no matter how much the patient has similar race or religion such as yours. if i want to talk about religion or even touch an ounce of it, i might have talked to any regular joes or janes. this include an ideation is a form of ‘hasutan syaitan’. you do NOT want them to think that they hear voices now, do you?


some just want to be appreciated, like their words and problems (even for a moment) means something to someone. we KNOW you have your life to go back to, other patients to see, we are aware of that. but when they go back, and you move on about your day of work, it is the patient will think over the discussion while you are happily sit down at a cafeteria talking how ‘funny’ and how ‘pretentious’ the previous patients were.