symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD)

and these past few weeks, my pubic bone hurts like hell. can;t even toss and turn as much as i like. everytime i turn, there this “klik” sound on my my lower back. no, not that kind of the ‘krruup’ relieving sound it makes. climbing stairs is extra difficult, let alone got up and get inside the car.

looking about my symptoms. some said it’s normal (any ‘pain’ is normal la now?).

but one caught my eye: symphysis pubis dysfunction or SPD.

and the symptoms match, 99% to the T.

from NHS

the most detail about SPD i could find (yes, i am plus size, someone even think i got a ‘busung’.)

i did fell down the stairs and hurt my tail bone few months ago and i am still recovering.

pleaded with the ob-gyn through my birth plan that is seen ‘unusual’ in a govt hospital that i can’t do lithotomy, like this one:

lithotomy position from

because i sure hell did try on my own, and fuck, i can’t even squat because of my tail bone hurting.

with SPD, the position is not even recommended. but noooo, dr. k said ‘that is the only position available at hsb’.

*flips table*

i did vacuum and clean my house extra lot during my pregnancy. because i feel it is extra messy and it pisses me off.

and i push my own shopping cart…because bringing a basket wouldn’t make sense if you have tons of groceries now, would it?

i am torn between getting massively bored by resting at home, or walk around so i can give birth easy.