“If You Don’t Push Until 10, Your Baby Will Suffocate In The Birth Canal…”

“If You Don’t Push Until 10, Your Baby Will Suffocate In The Birth Canal…”

definitely my favourite website to read, apart from other things serious that makes my baby in the tummy frowns.

some of the comments are witty and true:


What the hell? Apparently they don’t teach that babies get their oxygen from the cord until the baby is actually out at medical school. Seriously how do you graduate from even just high school without knowing these things?


You always have to ask the question “how many adults do you know who haven’t been born?”

Works with a lot of stupid statements!

3. this what most mothers go through in malaysian govt hospital. mental note: need to hire lawyer if this shit happens.

This is mine. It was a brutal labour. I can’t get into too much detail as the doctor is being investigated by the medical board over my labour but I can tell you I was injected with medications against my will and wishes; the cord was clamped immediately, against my wishes; my hubby was yelled at when he asked if he was cutting in the right place; The doc and nurses preformed 2 pelvic exams without warning and against my will…to the point where I had to kick the doctor to get her to remove her hand; my water was broken against my wishes.

When crowning, I screamed quite loud in shock over how fast the pain came on. The doctor said: “Oh will you just stop. If you keep doing that you’re going to tear your perinium”. When I did tear and started screaming because the numbing needle for stitches hurt like hell she said “See. You shouldn’t have screamed now you can deal with the pain. It’s not that bad” There was more but I’d bore you all with it. Needless to say next baby is coming at home in the water with me pushing however the hell I want.