This is one of my online blogs. I closed some, some are private, some are searchable, and if you are a stalker, you can easily find more.

It was intended to be my pregnancy writings. Sometimes it stuck in your head so much, 140 chars won’t do it, status update won’t do it. I needed a channel I could pour my heart into.

Now since I have passed the phases of being pregnant, gave birth, I will write from time to time, as for keepsake or just a public mental note.

Not here to anguish anyone, or impose a dogma, or be a preacher or a martyr.

I’m here to learn, to look back, to reflect, to move on, as many others do.



I love music. And I thank God that I am not a tone deaf, but He must have decided that with a good ear, I don’t have a good voice. But I do post a few vids online, for fun. A massive fan of headphones, not so much on in-earphones.

Movies, I love watching movies. I am a closeted movie buff, now that I don’t have the means to go to cinema anymore (no one wants to hear children cry during watching a good movie, I know I don’t), I just make do on what I have.

TV series, cooking (uninterrupted), playing PC (I still have Yuri’s Revenge and Diner Dash installed),  and online games (SRO, CO, KOC, AdventureQuest) whenever I have a time to relax and unwind, coffee lover but make do with 3-in-1 packets.

Friends. Friend I have so few, but they are my prized treasure.

Family. They are everything to me.


Life before being a homemaker/bum?

I love customer service and have dabbled in it for a long time. I love being in a publication, too, it’s one of my workplace to work for since I was in high school.

I have been a customer service rep (contact centre and call centre), bookstore worker in two major bookstores, a mediocre barista, and a journalist in a local newspaper.



I am an iHerb addict. Because taking care of myself, so I can take care of my family’s health is my priority too. Besides, who doesn’t want good things with cheap shipping anyway, eh?

You can scoff or do whatever you want to do, say whatever you want to say, because saying online persona is different from your own self is a cliche and an old school thought, because if that’s what you are here, it’s what you are outside.

So, if you think I am being a whiny bitch here, I must have been.






(updated april 2014)

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