One year ago

reya and her friendOne year ago, I was delayed for 10 days in giving birth to our firstborn.

One year ago, the only first full cry I heard was when she was in the NICU.

One year ago, we signed AOR to get her out of the hospital.

Almost one year ago, my mum hastily pushed her in the hospital cot and coaxed the nurse she could send the baby to the ward.

Happy first birthday, R. Mak and Abah love you, still, so very much. People said time moves fast, but with all the things been going on this past year, it has been slow, and we have cherished every single time we possibly can.

You love watching cooking shows, sways happily to Food Network jingles, loves headbanging (courtesy of Abah) and bright light (courtesy of aunty Ayu) and fake coughs (courtesy of Godpa), not afraid to laugh, knows how to make us laugh, can say “Abah” and “MMmmak”, loves abang Kaka, easily smiles, and cautious.

Your sleeping time still needs adjustment. I know you always wait for Abah to come back home to sleep. It’s okay, we are awake and we sleep according to your time, too. You do know that does not mean you can do whatever you want. We know you’re only a baby, but in some way you understand us.

May you grow up to be a decent little lady.

Here’s to more years to come, god willing.


I guess this blog gave all what it needed to me this whole time. I am moving on. It’s time, anyway.

Dari doktor, ke hampir jadi doktor, ke yang tak jadi jadi doktor, yang dapat beautiful pregnancy atau keindahan beranak, yang tak kan beranak (sebab dia lelaki), yang mencebik, yang tumpang gembira. Semua ada.

Cukupla kan?

All the posts will still be here. Untuk peringatan diri sendiri.