Boob cookies for mummies

boobcookies5-2My choc + fenugreek drinks just finished and if there’s no sale, there is no way I am buying more of it. I am too lazy to eat the fenugreek pills I just bought from iHerb, and I just found the fenugreek herbs in its whole form from Fabulous Mom that belonged to my sis at the kitchen downstairs but she did not use it.

So I was thinking of a way to make a use of it. And I googled (!) what can I do about it, and most mums suggested making cookies.

Apart from fenugreek used as milk booster, I found brewers yeast and flaxseed is good to be mixed into the cookie batch. Found them at a local online store (let’s shortform it to LGP), found the shipping price is a bit steep so I messaged the owner if there is an alternative way (free shipping above Rm100 ke apa ke) than going to the store myself. He read, ignored for few hours, then replied that he would follow up the next day. The next day came and went, and I think he must have been so busy with his organic store that a little customer service courtesy is forgotten (just like lowyat lucas, but that’s a different story altogether).

(If you are pregnant and still want these cookies, omit the fenugreek. From WebMD (!):

Pregnancy and breast-feeding: Fenugreek is LIKELY UNSAFE in pregnancy when used in amounts greater than those in food. It might cause early contractions. Taking fenugreek just before delivery may cause the newborn to have an unusual body odor, which could be confused with “maple syrup disease.” It does not appear to cause long-term effects.

Which means, there’s nothing wrong in taking fenugreek post-natal, kalau during pregnant and you want to used it a little bit during masak2 is okay, but not in its form and in great amount. So omit that.

Sis told me those items can be bought at an organic store in MidValley for a cheaper price. Off we went, bought it with some other things at Just Life and hang out with friends at our usual place afterwards.

So organic flaxseed  500  250g is RM6.50, brewers yeast  500  250g is RM16.50, and whole oats 500g is RM7.90. You can use instant oat, actually, it doesn’t matter. It will come out like a proper normal cookies rather than the one I made using whole oats.


I milled the fenugreek to powder form with the dry blender (alah, kalau nak buat cili api kering, guna tu..), bought few other things and make the kitchen upstairs my temporary experiment lab.

I included honey so try hard not to share with your baby who has teeth and below than a year. Husband nak rasa? Boleh aja. He won’t get any milk. 😛

I followed the recipe from here, here, and here, and then mixed and matched it to my preference. For the conversion of cups, I used Cafe Fernando’s conversion table.



– Kitchen mixer

– Spatula

– Measuring cup

– Spoon

– Baking sheet and -tray(s)

– Small ice cream scoop

– Mixing bowl

– Functioning oven

– Sleeping baby

– Good music playlist



– 3 cups (700gm) of rolled oats

– 2 large eggs

– 2 cups of flour (I used normal flour, you can substitute it into your preferences)

– 1.5 cups of brown sugar (I didn’t want to buy molasses or using white sugar, so I used this instead)

– 1 cup of chocolate chips

– 1 cup of butter, softened (or you can use the whole block of 250gm, it doesn’t affect much into the recipe)

– 4 tablespoon of water

– 4 tablespoon of brewers yeast

– 2 tablespoon of milled flax seed

– 1 teaspoon of fenugreek

– chopped nuts to your liking

– 2 tablespoon of honey

– 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract (but really, you can add more, it’s fine)

– 1 teaspoon of sea salt or table salt

– 1 teaspoon of baking soda

All this (excluding those that is already in the kitchen) cost me less than RM50. And the recipe yielded more than 30 cookies, big one, so a cookie a day for me is more than enough.



1. While baby is sleeping or with the father, preheat oven at 180 degree Celcius. Meanwhile, mix the milled flaxseed with water. Set aside for five minutes.

2. Beat the already softened butter and brown sugar. Add one egg at a time.

3. Put in the flaxseed mix, vanilla to the butter mix. Beat it some more until all is blended together. Press next on my random music playlist while waiting.

4. Sift the dry ingredients:

– flour

– brewers yeast

– baking soda

– table salt

– milled fenugreek

5. Combine the blended mix and the dry ingredients in one bowl, then add the remaining ingredients (oats, choc chips, and chopped nuts)

During baking, if you do not have small size ice cream scoop, scoop it using the spoon onto the baking sheet. I make it a bit thick and big and then press it so it is a bit flat. Do not worry on the distances between cookies if you use rolled oats since it doesn’t change in size that much.

Bake ’em in 8 to 10 minutes. I wanted it a bit hard cookies, so I baked them in 12 minutes.

Let them cool on a cooling rack before keeping them in an airtight container.

I ate two cookies, the smaller ones from my first batch into the oven. Few hours later, baby was awake, and I direct-latch her per normal. And managed to pump for close to 3oz on one side right after (my normal was 3oz from both of my breasts). What? What do you expect? Instantly get 15oz with one cookies?  Sabar tuan puan. 😛

boobcookies1-2 boobcookies2-2 boobcookies4-2


update: I made second batch, with only 2 cups of rolled oats, increased brewers yeast and milled flaxseed. Then added a bit of cocoa powder. It came out fine. A bit moist, chewy than the original recipe, but tastes just the same. You can make it less moist by putting one egg, or 1 whole egg + 1 egg yolk. This second batch batter needs to be spaced at least 2 inch within each other because unlike the first batch, this one expanded in size just like normal cookies.



For those who asked me “halal ke brewers yeast ni?” for me it is the end product that matters. Some said it’s not, while some said it’s okay. Of course you can read up more on this because that were only two links, but I would do anything to make sure my baby stays healthy and get steady flow of breast milk. Plus all the vitamins that I can get from it. That is my niat and I feel that it should be enough.  No worries, it’s not I’m gonna go grab a beer or something. 😛