Earth Mama Angel Baby: Mama Bottom Balm

inb4 ‘everyone else is going for iherb now, dude’.

i’m an whore (kinda). addict.

The reason being, some products that I love to use, are way expensive here. ‘Clever’ sister introduced me to Earth Mama Angel Baby (EMAB) a long time ago, and I was hooked.

When I compared the price I saw at a baby expo and online, I gritted my teeth. RM40 – RM100 differences. So we ordered from Amazon with free shipping, then off to HopShopGo then through DHL, it’s still worth it, but it took a long time.

My first iHerb purchase was EMAB’s Mama Bottom Balm.


Since my sis gave her iHerb code, I got USD5 off, and even after the shipping, it beats the normal retail price of RM62.90. And at that time I could get a freebie, so I chose one. It arrived in a week after I made the order. Ordered on Aug 12th, arrived on Aug 16th, to be exact. Super fast, and surprisingly affordable shipping cost, considering they use DHL, which normally up to USD30.


(With iHerb, shipping with DHL is only USD8 for below 1kg at any time)

From previous orders along with my sis through Amazon, I already had EMAB Natural Stretch Oil 120ml, EMAB Baby lotion 240ml, EMAB Mama-To-Be Tea Sampler, and EMAB Happy Mama Spray 120ml, which cost me less than RM200 including shipping altogether. Tried it, loved it, wanted more.

I also loved the body wash which had a foaming pump, which sis left some at home. Since it’s organic, baby had no rash problem like she had when I went gatal and used J brand of baby wash. With the lotion, I used it for baby’s after-bath and to put any mild rash around her baby tush which cleared up in 24hours.

EMAB Bottom Balm helped me a lot healing the tear I had. It felt minty, like a vapor rub, so I tried one night to put a vapor rub, and it stings…so back to the balm. So good until (this must have been partially my fault for being a fat-ass), that the stitches worked extra well:



Despite the laser treatment done to open the natural gap back and the doc zapped a bit more than he should, to which he apologised, I was happy. I used the same balm to make it better, and it was healed within days. Yay IC!

So for now, since it has a shelf life of 36 months after opened, I am keeping it in the refrigerator, for just in case purposes, for burns on the skin of should I get any weird tear soon ( let’s hope not, while I know some of you are praying for it. 🙂 )

it was full before!

My mum bought me a Cosway organic baby bath soap, and I have been using it for R since. So far so good. No fragrant smell, and it’s safe for hair too.

If you plan to buy any organic items be it for you, baby, or your pets from iHerb, do copy my coupon code below to use for your first purchase.

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Why the hell I wrote this? After 8 months, I just ordered again from the website today, this time with my sister, and will write it once the items arrived. No more freebies, though. However the price are still affordable.

Do visit the many range of EMAB’s product at iHerb here or visit the products’ official website.