What do you get for a man who has almost everything?

Birthdays has always been special to me.

In my family it has been celebrated almost always at Seremban KFC, right at the middle of the town, in front of Punca Mas. We seldom ate fast food back then when we were small (there were only A&W and KFC, Grandy’s were not our place to go to celebrate because it’s more of after-school hangouts).

So every birthdays were enthusiastically celebrated, cards and gifts were given, or if it’s not at KFC and someone is far away, we try to go to the place where they were or have the birthday wishes been sent through someone else.

In my whole life, the only time my birthday was not remembered until it was too late was when I was 15-years-old. But that incident did not dampen my joy of celebrating birthdays.

This year, my bro was the first birthday we celebrate after our mum’s gone to her happy place. Sad, yes, but in a way, it is a joyous occasion to celebrate her life , giving life to us.

It is going to be a little bit special because I want to bring back that happiness and enthusiasm that has been dragged down the drain, or thinking birthdays are just another day passed by.


I’m not a best gifter there is, but I thought ahead, and I bought the man who has almost everything (he really does, seriously) a t-shirt. Specifically, ThinkGeek Iron Man 3 Tony Stark Light-Up LED Shirt from me and my dad:


wheee! iron man!

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Earth Mama Angel Baby: Mama Bottom Balm

inb4 ‘everyone else is going for iherb now, dude’.

i’m an iHerb.com whore (kinda). addict.

The reason being, some products that I love to use, are way expensive here. ‘Clever’ sister introduced me to Earth Mama Angel Baby (EMAB) a long time ago, and I was hooked.

When I compared the price I saw at a baby expo and online, I gritted my teeth. RM40 – RM100 differences. So we ordered from Amazon with free shipping, then off to HopShopGo then through DHL, it’s still worth it, but it took a long time.

My first iHerb purchase was EMAB’s Mama Bottom Balm.


Since my sis gave her iHerb code, I got USD5 off, and even after the shipping, it beats the normal retail price of RM62.90. And at that time I could get a freebie, so I chose one. It arrived in a week after I made the order. Ordered on Aug 12th, arrived on Aug 16th, to be exact. Super fast, and surprisingly affordable shipping cost, considering they use DHL, which normally up to USD30.

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Baby milestones, images and videos


Since I have little or no guidance on baby development, apart from KKIA visits and its baby record book, I turn to interwub. I found this, the best infographic about baby milestones ever! And also a YT channel (PathwaysAwareness) about typical and atypical baby development.

It helps a lot for a noob first time mum like me.


Developmental Milestones
Source: Early-Childhood-Education-Degrees.com

and the videos:
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