“makan ubat, okay sayang?”

We (saya dan husband) always found a problem to give our baby meds when she is sick (fever, viral flu). The sweeter the meds syrup gets, the more she refuses to eat it and spit it out.

Remember my cousin who is a staff nurse? I voiced out a concern in regards of this. She told me a ‘trick’ that did the work.

Jgn stop antibiotic once kite da start unless ade side effect mcm allergic reaction…kne complete kan antibiotic…klu muntah2 non stop kne jmpe dr utk amik ubt muntah…baby mmg suffer kan klu dorg xsihat kan…ksian sgt2….

The doctor where I went to bring the baby also advised to alternate meds and warm water. One small push of meds by syringe, one small dose of a water. She gagged at first, but we managed to finish the antibiotics and other meds given.

She just had her 5th month vaccination as well, which probably gave the small side effect of flu and fever.

Found this website when I was googling (what? google?! yes, google) about babies. An online website by Malaysian paeds that gives great insight to the wonders of babies and toddlers.

It’s called Doktor Budak.

What the writer, Dr Ng Khuen Foong said about giving meds to children, which I found very useful despite the topic is more catered to toddlers:

You need to recognize when you are failing or getting frustrated. Step back, take a moment to yourself, and take a deep breath. Do not allow yourself to give in to force because it will create a bad experience for the child and make future attempts even more difficult for you. Ask another person for help if there is a need. Do not use threats or punishment or ridicule the child.

From ‘difficult child or difficult medicine?’

Do take this as a guideline. They do tell the readers to also go see paeds or GP for further actions.

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