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So you’ve read my two previous posts (They say and My baby is in NICU. I don’t want to say a lot on HSB policy, but that image above was all around the hospital.

I am NOT trying to show off, or bragging about my birth, or to to bite my thumb at HSB as some thinks. But one sided story and assumptions made me ‘geram’ and enough is enough. There are two sides of a coin and this is mine.

Maybe I was at fault at some things, maybe it’s theirs. But as I haven’t loudly put any blame on them as much as they LOVE to put their own lack of professionalism, courtesy and blame on me, I don’t know.

I was hesitant to tell people about me giving birth. Because I am not sure what will happen to my baby. At least until she is okay. But my genius youngest sister had to blurt it out in our whatsapp group. So the shit hit the fan and I am braving my day for any lashing out from my family, or from anyone. On what shoulds and shouldnots, could and couldnots, how my dad would gleefully told me that I have ‘stubborn certified’ stamped across my forehead.

Things has happened. Enough with what I should or should not do, please.

If only people know that I was treated like a doormat most of the time solely because I don’t want them to see how stubborn I CAN be. But last night I didn’t hold anything back.

And throughout my hospital stay, I didn’t sugar coat anything to make them feel at ease. Why should I spare their feelings when my own was ignored and discarded as if I were stupid and not knowing anything because I’m a first time mother?

Is it a big news to people that I MIGHT know things and able to deflect your putdowns?

Is it really their worry that I am post due mum? Or they just want to make everything easy and monetary beneficial for them to just finish up their pitocin supplies for the month?

How was some of the doctors was being taught on during their medical school or their harsh tone was just a show to show ‘who’s the boss’ in front of the young and little experienced mothers and subordinates?

Were doctors and nurses really wanted to be one because they believe in helping people? Why the bad treatment disappears once they’re in privates? Was it because they finally paid enough to care?

Speaking of paid enough to care, do we need to shut our mouth and accepting everything just because we pay far less than those in private hospitals?

So “bersyukur ajalah” is finally apt at this point of time except for houses, chicken, vegetables, sugar?

Look, this is how we see it. Of course anyone who have better understanding in the matter are free to object this.

The hospitals who are subsidised by the govt are not paid in peanuts. The workers, maybe and possibly. They get the equipments, meds, tools, etc etc heavily discounted in price.

Let’s say the amount you have to pay was only RM30. They will print out the receipt of the ‘actual’ amount without subsidy (Just like your current electric bills) along with the note of RM30 need to be paid. Maybe the actual amount is 10% lesser than private ones, and some are free, so can I confirm that the hospitals won’t get that amount, and on top of that the amount of ‘discount’ that you paid?

When it comes to hospitals, we should be quiet, but when it comes to gomen sectors, taxes, EPF, suddenly everyone is an expert and agreeable on how a sector should function? Or was it because you have no other govt sectors in the country or neighbouring ones that you can compare with?

I abhor and loathe those who are in service industry and working for the sake of working. You small lots masked those who really wanted to work for the sake of loving the job.

Yes, medicine is a service industry as well once you’re needed to talk to strangers a.k.a. patients. If you could not tolerate those strangers who might be scared and alone, why bother working in such industry?

I understand shift work. I understand not able to sleep at nights and days. But I understand that does not mean I have to treat everyone else, who I might or might not see again like a piece of dirt, or lie through my teeth because I know better.

Telling people “you don’t know anything because all you knew was only on the net and you’re not in the medical school” is the same with bad graphic artist told a self-learned sketcher that they’re no good, or a barista that claims they know coffee better and refuse to acknowledge those who tasted, tried, failed and succeeded in their love of coffee beans and related.

We are all not dumb. Most of us, by now KNOW how to filter contents. To do cold data-mining on the net to authenticate the stories or news or journals. Surely everyone with a brain can work that out.

I am sorry, deeply sorry those who I screamed to during my stay there. But understand this (as much as YOU want me to understand you), that no cases can be too unique, or too general.

It is a case-to-case basis. Surely with a medical degree like yours, that I don’t have, can understand that.

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