of hospital bag, baby bag, and other things

i am tired by thinking about it. so i just make do. just realised that i have less than 4 weeks due to popping up a human being out of my vagina.

then i realised i packed nothing prior to hari raya (just in case she decides to come out early).

husband helped out in packing up my hospital bags and all things are in there, except few kain batik and/or pelikat.

and here are what’s going into the baby bag:


(not in order: doraemon napkins, minyak yu yee, disposable diapers, wet tissue, toiletries  few clothes with socks and mittens, and towels)

was feeling a bit relieved until i realised that i was surely will be cut down there medio-lateral or even worse…midline episiotomy (6 o’clock cut, downwards to the anus). someone in HSB said it does not exist and it won’t happen. yeah…suuure.

since it is within a budget and cheaper, i wanted to buy Earth Mama Angel Baby (EMAB) – Mama Bottom Balm online to heal the cut and any potential swelling near my vajayjay.

some malaysian baby online shop charges rm20 more, shipping not included. *groans*

found iHerb.com and bought it from there, recommended by my sis.

got USD5 discount since it is my first time and the purchase is under 40 bucks. more than that, i’d get USD10. but one is not willing to be extra greedy. USD5 is good enough for me.

i bought few EMAB products before, like the stretch oil Dr. Harlina recommended. to me it doesn’t really diminish the line but it is works wonders against the itchiness!

i envy on how Dr. Harlina had no IV drip stuck on her hand during her birth. and therefore she is allowed to eat and drink on her own! but then again, that is a private hospital whereas i am gonna give birth at a government ones. i don’t think they think i can go and drink on my own.