One year ago

reya and her friendOne year ago, I was delayed for 10 days in giving birth to our firstborn.

One year ago, the only first full cry I heard was when she was in the NICU.

One year ago, we signed AOR to get her out of the hospital.

Almost one year ago, my mum hastily pushed her in the hospital cot and coaxed the nurse she could send the baby to the ward.

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Sunday morning. (Happy Mother’s Day)

Husband back then, when he was merely a boyfriend (he still is, but back then he is only that, nothing more 😉 ), he introduced me to Paramore, which was very weird because he was into death/melodic metal. But I was in a spirit of giving, bought him a ticket to see Paramore in KL and he loved it. He loved Hayley’s the-tweet-that-shall-never-been-mentioned, too.

However, I found this more or less this catchy song from Paramore first, recently.


It’s so catchy and full of meaning, that it reminds me on No Doubt’s Sunday Morning. I loved No Doubt when it was all about ska-ish pop.

Never seen them live before. But he did. Back in early 2000 (October 9 -that date sounds familiar-, 2000 to be exact) at PWTC, KL. Even offered a girl who was shorter than he is a jump on his shoulder for a few songs.

=_=” (not because of the girl, but the fact he got to actually see No Doubt live in their golden era. But nvm, I crossed one of my bucket list with my favourite rock band last year. No he didn’t tag along. >:])



Not forgetting, on a more happy notes, it reminds me of this: (but there’s a slightly bitter memory about that song, but you’re not asking so I won’t be sharing)

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Pre-Mother’s Day post

Sometimes I force myself to look on the bright side. Because bitches can bitch all day long, but I know for a fact that in some point in their life, they had a mum, or a mother figure, and at one point in their life, they must have loved the mother so much.

And no one is evil by its own. o_O


TIL John Lennon’s dad left him when he (John) was only an infant and the mum passed away due to an accident when he was 17.

TIL 100 years ago, Anna Jarvis who campaigned to honour those mothers in one special day in US and it was celebrated since, on second Sunday of May.

TIL, when I googled (omg, why are you still using Google. It’s EBILLL) about Mother’s Day, one link captured my eyes.

A Mother's Day...when mother is gone

A Mother’s Day…when mother is gone

It’s the first Mother’s Day without my mum when she passed last October. It has been 22 years since my husband lost his mum. So we do not have our biological mother anymore. Technically we are motherless child.


That’s a word that is hard to swallow. Or to even accept.

I saw beautiful Mother’s Day cards which I know she loved. Then I realised, I no longer have a mother to give it to.

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Boob cookies for mummies

boobcookies5-2My choc + fenugreek drinks just finished and if there’s no sale, there is no way I am buying more of it. I am too lazy to eat the fenugreek pills I just bought from iHerb, and I just found the fenugreek herbs in its whole form from Fabulous Mom that belonged to my sis at the kitchen downstairs but she did not use it.

So I was thinking of a way to make a use of it. And I googled (!) what can I do about it, and most mums suggested making cookies.

Apart from fenugreek used as milk booster, I found brewers yeast and flaxseed is good to be mixed into the cookie batch. Found them at a local online store (let’s shortform it to LGP), found the shipping price is a bit steep so I messaged the owner if there is an alternative way (free shipping above Rm100 ke apa ke) than going to the store myself. He read, ignored for few hours, then replied that he would follow up the next day. The next day came and went, and I think he must have been so busy with his organic store that a little customer service courtesy is forgotten (just like lowyat lucas, but that’s a different story altogether).

(If you are pregnant and still want these cookies, omit the fenugreek. From WebMD (!):

Pregnancy and breast-feeding: Fenugreek is LIKELY UNSAFE in pregnancy when used in amounts greater than those in food. It might cause early contractions. Taking fenugreek just before delivery may cause the newborn to have an unusual body odor, which could be confused with “maple syrup disease.” It does not appear to cause long-term effects.

Which means, there’s nothing wrong in taking fenugreek post-natal, kalau during pregnant and you want to used it a little bit during masak2 is okay, but not in its form and in great amount. So omit that.

Sis told me those items can be bought at an organic store in MidValley for a cheaper price. Off we went, bought it with some other things at Just Life and hang out with friends at our usual place afterwards.

So organic flaxseed  500  250g is RM6.50, brewers yeast  500  250g is RM16.50, and whole oats 500g is RM7.90. You can use instant oat, actually, it doesn’t matter. It will come out like a proper normal cookies rather than the one I made using whole oats.


I milled the fenugreek to powder form with the dry blender (alah, kalau nak buat cili api kering, guna tu..), bought few other things and make the kitchen upstairs my temporary experiment lab.

I included honey so try hard not to share with your baby who has teeth and below than a year. Husband nak rasa? Boleh aja. He won’t get any milk. 😛

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What do you get for a man who has almost everything?

Birthdays has always been special to me.

In my family it has been celebrated almost always at Seremban KFC, right at the middle of the town, in front of Punca Mas. We seldom ate fast food back then when we were small (there were only A&W and KFC, Grandy’s were not our place to go to celebrate because it’s more of after-school hangouts).

So every birthdays were enthusiastically celebrated, cards and gifts were given, or if it’s not at KFC and someone is far away, we try to go to the place where they were or have the birthday wishes been sent through someone else.

In my whole life, the only time my birthday was not remembered until it was too late was when I was 15-years-old. But that incident did not dampen my joy of celebrating birthdays.

This year, my bro was the first birthday we celebrate after our mum’s gone to her happy place. Sad, yes, but in a way, it is a joyous occasion to celebrate her life , giving life to us.

It is going to be a little bit special because I want to bring back that happiness and enthusiasm that has been dragged down the drain, or thinking birthdays are just another day passed by.


I’m not a best gifter there is, but I thought ahead, and I bought the man who has almost everything (he really does, seriously) a t-shirt. Specifically, ThinkGeek Iron Man 3 Tony Stark Light-Up LED Shirt from me and my dad:


wheee! iron man!

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Earth Mama Angel Baby: Mama Bottom Balm

inb4 ‘everyone else is going for iherb now, dude’.

i’m an whore (kinda). addict.

The reason being, some products that I love to use, are way expensive here. ‘Clever’ sister introduced me to Earth Mama Angel Baby (EMAB) a long time ago, and I was hooked.

When I compared the price I saw at a baby expo and online, I gritted my teeth. RM40 – RM100 differences. So we ordered from Amazon with free shipping, then off to HopShopGo then through DHL, it’s still worth it, but it took a long time.

My first iHerb purchase was EMAB’s Mama Bottom Balm.


Since my sis gave her iHerb code, I got USD5 off, and even after the shipping, it beats the normal retail price of RM62.90. And at that time I could get a freebie, so I chose one. It arrived in a week after I made the order. Ordered on Aug 12th, arrived on Aug 16th, to be exact. Super fast, and surprisingly affordable shipping cost, considering they use DHL, which normally up to USD30.

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Baby milestones, images and videos


Since I have little or no guidance on baby development, apart from KKIA visits and its baby record book, I turn to interwub. I found this, the best infographic about baby milestones ever! And also a YT channel (PathwaysAwareness) about typical and atypical baby development.

It helps a lot for a noob first time mum like me.


Developmental Milestones

and the videos:
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“makan ubat, okay sayang?”

We (saya dan husband) always found a problem to give our baby meds when she is sick (fever, viral flu). The sweeter the meds syrup gets, the more she refuses to eat it and spit it out.

Remember my cousin who is a staff nurse? I voiced out a concern in regards of this. She told me a ‘trick’ that did the work.

Jgn stop antibiotic once kite da start unless ade side effect mcm allergic reaction…kne complete kan antibiotic…klu muntah2 non stop kne jmpe dr utk amik ubt muntah…baby mmg suffer kan klu dorg xsihat kan…ksian sgt2….

The doctor where I went to bring the baby also advised to alternate meds and warm water. One small push of meds by syringe, one small dose of a water. She gagged at first, but we managed to finish the antibiotics and other meds given.

She just had her 5th month vaccination as well, which probably gave the small side effect of flu and fever.

Found this website when I was googling (what? google?! yes, google) about babies. An online website by Malaysian paeds that gives great insight to the wonders of babies and toddlers.

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Two sides of everything

It’s my time off day with husband and kid, and I got to know that The Star has published pretty interesting stories about gentle birthing, from the co-founders of Gentle Birthing Group and the doctors.

The doctors:

But whilst women should tune in to their natural birth instinct, the risks of unassisted births should not be taken lightly.

A study published in 2010 in the American Journal Of Obstetrics & Gynecology found that planned home births involved less medical intervention but carried twice or thrice the risk of the baby dying.

First-time mothers were also far more likely to need last-minute transfer to a hospital, up to 37%, compared to only four to nine percent of home birthing women who had had at least one child. Reasons for transfers include lack of progress in labour, concerns about the foetus, hypertension, bleeding and a poorly positioned foetus.

Chances are, most low-risk women will have a safe, natural childbirth but it is the 10% that are worrying, especially when they don’t have quick access to medical help, says Selayang Hospital’s Head of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Dr Mohd Roslan Abd Halim.

Dr. Roslan is correct. We need more professional midwives in the future.

In recent years, the number of women coming to their doctors with birth plans has shot up tremendously.

“Eighty per cent of these birth plans are very reasonable whilst the remaining 20% may require more discussion. For example, many don’t want the routine injection to promote uterine contraction. I would explain the rationale behind the injection and if there’s leeway to avoid it.” Continue reading

Der Letzte?

i don’t want to share the supports i have been getting, because it’s from a closed group and I appreciate their privacy, but i am grateful for them.

but to end all that, someone asked me why i didn’t make a report?

so i am sharing my answer here, so i can remember it, should i forget it someday.

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